Sept. 20, 2022

69: Becoming A Jew 2 Months Ago!

69: Becoming A Jew 2 Months Ago!
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💙 I surprisingly met Avraham Ben Avraham at my house. My family made a bbq and my brothers invited their friends who invited their friends..

💙 When I first saw Abraham, I right away knew something looked a little bit different about him. When I started talking to him he tells me how he is from Columbia (not the university) and he only became a Jew 2 months ago!


💙 When I hear an interesting story I automatically become curious. So, I started asking him questions. The story got more and more interesting. He told me at 10 years old he was held up at gun point and that is just the norm living in Columbia.


💙 He told me that his non-Jewish grandmother goes to a shiur in shul every week and he started learning about the Jewish people through her. (Another quick point is that he served in the military.)


💙 In this episode you will hear his story of how he found Judaism.


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