Hebrew Hits

Magnificent podcast

Engaging,entertaining and inspiring!

The number one podcast!

This podcast hosted by the legendary Malya Feivelson, is by far one of the best podcast if not the best podcast I’ve ever listen to! Such amazing contents delivered so brilliantly a true treasure!

Very inspiring

I thought it was very inspiring. Malya did an amazing job explaining about having faith in God and giving up control. what I loved about the audio is that she explained it in a very simple way that I could understand it.

It’s all about Perspective

Malya this is a beautiful episode, thank you for sharing your personal story on here it was really inspiring!

Malya is the best!

Your content is absolutely amazing!!! I've been a fan for a while and it is so awesome to see you grow evolve! Keep up the amazing work!

Listen to this podcast!

I really like this podcast. You have all different kinds of Jewish people on it who have gone through their own challenges. I learn a lot!

Interesting content!

Malya is great at finding stars to interview and is also incredible on her own! Definitely a winner.


I have been listening to this podcast for a long time now and Malya just keeps putting out more and more great episodes. Definitely worth a listen if you want to be motivated to live your best life.

Good listen

Awesome show great host


This podcast is so great, Malya has such a great voice. YThis episode inspires me to wake up everyday and try to be the best me that I can be. thank you Malya. keep doing what you are doing. You are amazing.

Great podcast

This is amazing podcast, worth to listen every second.

Love the ENERGY

Great content - entertaining & inspiring!!! Keep up your amazing work!!

Worth the listen

Malya not only brings on great guests with a variety of topics, but brings out incredible insights by asking the right questions. You will walk away from every episode with at least one key actionable takeaway. Keep it up!


Just like loving Levy’s Jewish Rye Bread, you don’t have to be Jewish to love this great podcast - wonderful music and conversations. Even a goy like me enjoys it! Subscribe and listen!

Love this

This is amazing Ty for all your hard work

Amazing show

I love this show! I love listening to it

Soul changing!!!

I used to only listen to Z100 and now my neshama only lets me listen to jtriberadio! Thank you Malya!


Such a great! Amazing content, good song choice

Amazing listen

Very fun listen. My kids love it.


Best show ever!!!!!

Favorite channel

Great channel got personalized attention