Jan. 14, 2023

73: Make More Money Work Less with Davii Mandel

73: Make More Money Work Less with Davii Mandel
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Davii Mandel started her virtual assistant company which changed her life. Over Covid she uprooted herself and moved to a whole new country and started OfficeGirlz. Since then, OfficeGirlz has grown tremendously and she has been able to help many businesses make a lot more money by taking care of the back end and nitty gritty work.

OfficeGirlz assistants help their clients get out of a rut of not reaching their business goals because they are trying to DO IT ALL. They take over the day-to-day task work that isn't fun and doesn't let you shine in your zone of genius.




SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. They will handle your emails, invoicing, bill pay, customer and vendor relations, social media, content writing, website updates, and more.


Work Smarter Not Harder


For more information:

Set your appointment here: https://calendly.com/daviiman/30-minute-discovery-meeting

Or visit our website at www.officegirlz.com

Or message Davii on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davii-mandel-officegirlz/


Davii Mandel is also a true giver. She is among the select few who have donated their KIDNEYS! Davii is a true inspiration. Watch this episode to hear her story.


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