May 8, 2023

75: Dovi Steinmetz's A"H Life Of Emunah. Told By His Mother, Mrs. Feige Steinmetz (The Meron Tragedy)

75: Dovi Steinmetz's A
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Dovi Steimnetz A"H was taken from us way too soon. It was the night of Lag Baomer when the tragedy that shook the nation occurred. Dovi was a boy that was always seeking out mitzvos and was a boy that was truly giving. As you will hear in this episode, Dovi sought out many mitzvos during this night and he ultimately saved someone's life.

In this episode, you will hear stories about Dovi and how he helped so many people, including strangers, from Mrs. Feige Steinmetz, Dovi's mother. Dovi was a boy who lived with emunah and it is not surprising that the Steinmetz family is encouraging people to say Ani Maamin everyday. They have now given out over 100,000 Ani Maamin cards and their sefer just came out in French.


She will also be discussing how she personally has worked on her emunah over the past two years and how she took it upon herself to try to relinquish the control. Please join us on this very impactful and inspiring episode. Please make sure to subscribe to Hebrew Hits on Youtube and to share this episode!

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