March 12, 2022

Interviewing Nana

Interviewing Nana

For the past couple of years, I have wanted to interview my grandmother about her life during the war. For some reason, I never got around to doing that. This year Baruch HaShem Nana was able to come to my house two times. I decided that is it, I am taking out my microphone and starting to record Nana's story.

By me taking this piece of action, my family started to see how important it was to film this series. I would pause while recording so that my mother and brother an ask Nana all of the questions they have. I thought, why am I pausing the show? I should let it play out. 

That is exactly what I did and that is how My mother and Yaakov came to be a part of this beautiful series about Nana's life. 

It is truly incredible to have the privilege of interviewing my grandmother who has such an incredible life story. Her story is incredible because she has gone through such hard times and still has full faith in Hashem and is also the happiest person I know. Nana lets mostly everything go and she does not get bothered if someone annoys her. These are the two main lessons that I have learned from my grandmother. I hope to work on my emunah so that I can have that kind of faith in Hashem like Nana has. 

May we all remember to let things go even when it is very hard to do so!