Jan. 30, 2020

Kick Off

Kick Off
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This episode is brought to you by Chokolat_Chic. Chokolat_Chic sells all pareve, handmade, gourmet chocolates. Get 20% off your next order now through February 15, 2020 using the Code:MALYA20. For more info and to order YOUR chocolates, email chokolatchic@gmail.com

Malya finished creating 10 Episodes of Hebrew Hits and is now kicking off her show in a new direction. Starting now, Malya will have her Shout out Thursdays, where she gives a shout out to one of her amazing audience members. To get a shout out, DM @themalyalife and tell her how you heard of the show!

In this episode, Malya also talks about the #superbowl 

Who do YOU think will win the game? May the best team win!!!

This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Gittel Blank, 1927-2020

It's What You Do With What You Have That Makes A Difference.