May 9, 2022

Let Go of Control Give it up to Hashem.

Let Go of Control Give it up to Hashem.
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This past week we have been hearing the words, 'Ani Hashem Refaecha'. I decided that I wanted to take the time to learn more about what those words meant. By doing so, I also came to learn about the month of Iyar and I discovered what the power of this month is.

The reason I have created this episode is because while on my trip to Israel these past few weeks certain things have occurred. Only after learning about the month of Iyar was I able to see the direct correlation to what happened and to what the month stands for.

Going to Yam Hamelech has played a very significant role as well. It taught me a huge lesson about giving up control. This episode is a personal one for me, I don't generally talk so openly about myself, but I felt that by putting this out there, can add value to all your life, so to me it is worth it!

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